Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mike Perkins

Mike Perkins is a wonderful British artist best known for his work on Captain America, Ruse, and more recently the Marvel adaption of Stephen King's The Stand.  "Ruse" with it's Victorian detective feel and Mike's artwork is one of my favourite comics...very Sherlock Holmes-ish, with a mix of action, adventure and fantasy.  Currently he is working on the relaunched "Deathlok" series for Marvel.

I met Mike at a local comic convention here in Toronto a number of years ago and arranged this commission with him.  The main character in "Ruse", Simon Archard, is a Victorian detective, so I was hoping he'd be interested in doing a commission of Holmes for me. He was excited to do it but wanted to take his time with this piece.  Instead of doing it at the show he took it home with him and worked on it between jobs over the next little while.  It may have taken a while to finish the piece, but it is amazing and was well worth the wait. 


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