Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dean Motter

1) The Martian Invasion, and 2) Evolution of the Detective
Dean Motter started in the comic industry in the late 70's here in Canada.  He has written and drawn a variety of comic titles including Batman, Superman, Star Wars, Grendel and Hellblazer.  But my absolute favourites were "Terminal City", "Electropolis" and especially "Mister X" (in my mind a very under rated series).  In addition to his comic work, Mr. Motter also worked for CBS Records Canada, and later his own studio, as an album graphics designer in which he was nominated for a number of Juno's and won.
When I contacted Mr. Motter about a Holmes commission he had a number of different ideas.  One was the first piece above hitting on the "War of the World's" theme.  He mentioned this idea of Holmes investigating the attack, and it sounded too good to pass up on.  Being a HUGE Mister X fan I was really interested in something with Holmes and Mister X together.  He came back with a couple of ideas, but this one with the other private eyes from his comics - Philip Marlow, Mister X and Menlo Park - sounded very cool.  Both pieces are stunning and did not disappoint.