Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ed Hannigan

Ed Hannigan is a very talented artist, writer and editor working in the comic industry since the mid 70's. 

Over the years he has worked for both Marvel and DC working on titles such as "The Defenders", "The Spectacular Spider-Man" and "Green Arrow".  He helped create the characters Cloak and Dagger at Marvel, redesigned Braniac in the Superman comics, and did some amazing covers for Batman in the early\mid 80's.

The covers he did for Batman are among my all time favourites which is why I originally contacted him.  We emailed back and forth and I arranged to have him do a Sherlock commission for me.  The above picture does not do the piece justice as it is stunning.  All the little details I loved about his Batman covers, he did for this piece as well - the books, violin, painting, etc...  It's all these little things that really make this piece pop and one of my favourites. 
If interested, he still does commissions.  You can check out his webpage at

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